Professional Courses

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Keeping pace with the new era , the college has  now made  desired arrangements for the provision of various professional courses framed accordingly by Uttarakhand Open University and Kumaon University. 
UOU study Center :
Dr. Uma Pathak(Principal) restarted the study center of UOU for various professional and academic courses  in July 2012.
Dr. Uma Pathak(Principal) received a letter of commendation from former Director, Agriculture Science and Rural Health Haldwani for outstanding work in the field of Organic agriculture.
Beside Academic courses under mentioned Professional Job Oriented courses are running in the College :

 Yoga and Naturopathy ,organic Farming and Vegetable Production courses are conducted in the college affililiated to Uttarakhand Open University.

Tourism -The panoramic beauty of Narayan Nagar attracts every visitor  and creates in him a sense of Philosophy. History tells that in the first half of twentieth centuary Narayan Swami experienced ecstasy while reaching this place en route to Holy Kailash Mansarover. Luckily enough, after his Holy name  the place, formerly known as Kandadhar Dharamghar,became Narayan Nagar. Keeping this idea in view,the college has started a  Diploma Course in Tourism affiliated to Kumaon University.

Organic Farming

Information on the advantages of organic farming, is being provided to the students coming from nearby villages who have agricultural land in this remote, hilly area. They come to know that organically managed soil has a higher quality and higher water retension. The soil rich in Organic matter grows healthier, more disease resistant and tastier veggies. Organic agriculture combines tradition and science to benefit the shared environment and promote fair relationship and good quality of life for all involved. It continues to raise awareness in them regarding a variety of topics including economic resources, environment and conservation.
Making friendship with the soil of the local land ,the Principal Dr.Uma Pathak has formed with her own efforts,a polyhouse to produce various vegetables growing in every season and guiding the local public and students that are mostly agriculture based. With the efforts of Principal and staff members the barren and waste land of college campus has been used for Organic Farming. Various citrus fruits and medicinal plants have been grown in the campus. A certificate course in Organic Farming designed by Uttarakhand Open University is made functional for Practical work and experience.
College has received letter of commendation from former Director, Agriculture Science and Rural Health Haldwani for outstanding work in the feild of Organic agriculture.